Friday, 30 January 2015

Prathamesh Construction Marks the Development with Innovatively Designed Residential Buildings

Rajshilp - Prathamesh Constructions
Over the years, Prathamesh Construction has been transforming the skyline of Pune. From the traditional bungalow type homes, their humble abode has been changed to designers’ buildings that mark that development of the district. Various projects within the proximity give opportunities to residents to enjoy leisure within reach without having to travel longer hours to work. Pune has been a place where education is given importance. The place was considered the Oxford of the East because of the quality of education they provide. The students as well as their academic leaders cannot succeed without a good place to stay and friendly communities that can help them develop creative minds and great ideas. Students need and ample space for recreation and this is what the company offers. The company has produced renowned projects such as the Ranjeet Heights, Pramatesh Aishwarya and many others in Pune. These are just few places that houses young professionals and students giving them access to amenities within proximity that can help them relax and recharge.

Over the years, the company has been providing shelter to their clients. They produced thousands of clients that are satisfied with their services. Their 34 years of existence in the industry gives opportunity to people who wanted to have their own place. Who could resist a luxury flat for an affordable price with flexible payment schemes?  Prathamesh Construction provides a new home with a friendly environment.

Since many of their residents are enjoying luxury and comfortable living in their existing flats, they also wanted to extend such opportunities to others by building more flats to accommodate them. Some of their on-going and notable projects include Callisto, Prathamesh Rajshilp, Utkarsha Enclave and Prathamesh Samruddhi. These are all located in Pune. They are near the education institution and business district. They also invaded Nashik as they develop new and on-going projects such as the Utkarsha Orchid and Ameya Heritage.

All the residential buildings established by Prathamesh Construction are all earthquake free. They are well planned and built with licensed engineers. To enjoy your stay in these residential flats, they are innovatively designed to inspire and make you work efficiently. The units have an ample space for individuals or small families who would want to have their own place in India.

The projects of Prathamesh Construction as well as their experience in providing shelter will surely make your stay in these residential flats worthwhile.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Steady Increase in Rates for Luxury Flats in Pune

Based on India’s realty market, the year 2013 was not a walk in the park in terms of profitability. There are various reasons for this and one of which is the slowing down of the economy vis-à-vis an unstable political setting only destabilize the industry. A great number of potential investor chose to wait and see for far better venture opening for the negative reason that the economy is experiencing growth of interest rates with regard to house loans as well as continuous price escalation of homes. The country’s Property sector was not exempted, in fact the country’s economy was directly affected by this phenomenon and thus slows down the improvement of the economy.

During the last few years, the service sectors like and IT and ITE experienced a sudden and quick development.  Foreseeing a great outlook in the economy partnered with improved disposable income as well as flourishing trade paved the way to growing trend of living in plush apartments. Value for their hard earned money is one of the main reasons that they invest on this property.  Other reasons include great amenities, improved security, convenience to their place of work are just a few of their preference in owning a unit.

There is a spurt in demand for housing projects since there are growing numbers of IT professionals are moving in the city. Likewise, because the of the flourishing IT enabled businesses more and more workers are looking for units that is near their place of work for convenience as well as to avoid traffic. Because of these, they can save time, money and effort.

Rising demand for Housing Projects in the City

The soaring demand for luxury projects cannot be attributed solely to the IT sector, as there is an equal demand from the manufacturing sector as well. The city is known to have numerous manufacturing industries located on the periphery. These include places like Shikrapur, Shirwal, Lonikhand, Sanaswadi and Talegaon Dhamdhere.

Popularly known as the Oxford of the East, the luxury housing segment here is still in its growing phase as compared to its counterparts in metropolitan cities such as Mumbai. However potential investors would rather purchase a service apartment in the Aundh and Baner area, rather than buy flats in Dadar as it gives them the advantage of larger space at the same rate.

The buyers who prefer to invest in the country's eighth largest city include a mix of entrepreneurs, NRIs, C-level executives and end-users from Mumbai. Although most of the metropolitan cities have experienced realty slowdown, Pune's market is still far more affordable and steady as compared to Mumbai or the National Capital Region.