Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Modern Homes of Modern People

In a time today, where an average individual aims at owning a property to live and call it a home, there are some individuals who own it already. However, there exist multiple sentiments attached to a common term called “home” among people who have one and ones who do not.

While there are some who want to upgrade their home towards a better lifestyle, there are some who wish to just have one to live in. Not only this, there are few who have it as a luxury quotient in life.

So, why do we speak of homes today? What new is there for us to discuss about?

It is just limited to the enhanced lifestyle of the people of Pune and Nashik or, is there something more to it?

At Prathamesh  Constructions, we believe in constructing homes for people from diverse backgrounds.

From affordable to affluent, budget to brilliant and minimalist to magnificent, homes of all kinds.

It is noticed that the people are progressing in their career and the same is reflected in their personal 
front as well when  it comes to the kind of homes they live.. Turns out that the home or the property they own is a reflection of their persona and social stature. And people today, do not wish to settle for anything less than a home that is smart as they are.

Comfort and luxury is an important element of a lavish and a standard lifestyle they want to have. 

And we believe, we have an in-depth understanding of the needs and requirements of the  people and hence, that enables us to produce architectural marvels that fulfill their desires.

For more details, visit Prathamesh Constructions.  

Friday, 11 December 2015

10 Awesome things to do at home during a weekend

Have you been spending boring weekends all this while at home?

Well, then worry not! Here are 10 awesome things to do at home during weekends that you must try:

  1. Organize a costume night: Costume nights can be fun. You can set a theme like Halloween and enjoy dressing like crazy favorite characters of yours. Or experimenting with clothes to create new looks can also be done.
  2. Throw an indoor party: How about having a blast indoors? Some music and delicious delicacies could make an awesome combo for a fun night at home.
  3. Has a Christmas themed party: If you love Christmas atmosphere, then why wait for Christmas to enjoy? Organize a Christmas themed party home for all the fun you were missing all this while.
  4. Host an international cuisines dinner night: For all the foodies out there, what better than hosting an international cuisines dinner night with a variety of options to treat yourself with?
  5. Film a “Newscast”: With high quality camera phones, you have all the means to shoot a newscast of events taking place around you at home. It could be moments with family or your pet or anything for that matter.
  6. Experiment and learn to do nail art: For girls, the nail art is the “in thing” as of now. So, why not get a little experimental over weekends with your nails?
  7. Plant seedlings: if gardening is your love, the best thing to do over the weekend is to plant seedlings and enjoy some moments out in the garden.
  8. Organize a themed movie night: Movies are everyone’s best pastimes. So, bring in some good movies of your favorite genre/theme and enjoy your days and night at a stretch.
  9. Play board games: board games can be fun with your siblings and friends. Play in teams to add more fun.
  10. Host an indoor treasure hunt: Move beyond hide  and seek. Organize a treasure hunt with exciting tasks and riddles. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Elevate your lifestyle with Prathamesh Gallardo

We, at Prathamesh Constructions, strongly believe in business ethics that bring sustained prosperity in the lives of people wanting a perfect home for themselves. For us, providing quality in our constructions and projects that we establish is the top priority in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Construction merely for the purpose of calling it as a residence is not what we aim to produce. For us, each of our projects is a masterpiece and carry a proud tag of quality.

If you dream of living a comfortable life, a residence that compliments your lifestyle is important. 

We create residences, a glimpse of which is enough to fall in love with!

Here is what awaits you in our ongoing project – Prathamesh Gallardo:

  1. The truest reflection of your style and persona- The project is a high end residential development tailor made for you! A self determining single tower! As you step in Prathamesh Gallardo, there is no looking back. A conceptualized luxurious living like never before that is equipped with high grade specifications to gaze at!
  2. Just the perfect blend- Meticulous design sense that adds charm to your personality to blend your stature with the design, luxury, comfort and functionality.
  3. An exquisite residence at a state of perfection- Prathamesh Gallardo, with its exquisite features that are in tune with the chords of a harmonious life, is just the perfect blend of style, comfort and luxury. A carved precision!
  4. What pleases your eyes and appeals to the others- situated amid the upmarket setting of Salisbury Park, Pune, Prathamesh Gallardo boasts a spirit of excellence.
  5. Space is encouraging- when it comes to homes, you would surely not like to compromise. And space is such a feature that reflects your comfort and persona as well! The more the space, the more is the freedom to think big. 

So, if this is what you desire, a visit to the site is surely a wise decision to explore that remains unrevealed to you…

Monday, 16 November 2015

10 Best DIY ideas to decorate your home

Here are 10 best DIY ideas to decorate your home to make people fall in love with your interiors that we learnt from decorating projects on Midwestliving:

1.       In the spotlight: Squash, pumpkins and a twig of ginkgo leaves  on mounded moss command attention in a bell jar set atop a terra-cotta dish. Arrange a few spillovers outside the glass for a touch of spontaneity. 
2.       Cozy glow: wrapped glass votive holders in textural flair. Tie raffia around three or four overlapping moistened corn husks trimmed to fit.
3.       Beyond Mums: If your go-to autumn bouquet defaults to traditional offerings, shake it up with a less-expected blend of veggies, fruits, berries and widely varied flowers.
4.       Leaf Card Art: This display is a biology lesson and wall decor in one! Tape leaves to identification cards created with crafts store materials or printed from our free templates below and later place them along a card-holder tree.
5.       Color Combo: Create an eye-catching fall center piece with candles, succulents and fresh flowers—we used dahlias and billy buttons.
6.       Golden Glow: Clear glass containers show off both candlelight as well as colorful materials. Nestle a candle in popcorn kernels or other seasonal materials, such as candy corn or colored clear round stones (available in crafts stores). 
7.        Natural Vases: Gourds and squash come in all shapes and colors and easily become seasonal vases. Cut a hole big enough to accommodate a couple of florist tubes. Inserting  flower stems for a unique bud vase will add to its beauty enormously.
8.       Rope in décor: Replicate a chandelier with leaves instead of lights. Drill a 14-inch hole in each canning jar lid and pull a separate piece of rope through each hole, then tie a knot under each lid. Place single leaves in jars, and tightly secure lids. Tie rope pieces together and hang from a heavy-duty ceiling hook.
9.       Harvest vases: Add a fall flavor to a tabletop or mantel with cylinder vases filled with nuts and wheat. Roll it, coordinating scrapbooking paper into decorative cuffs that slip inside the vase.

10.   Simple Leaves: Highlight the beauty of fall leaves with this display. Put single leaves, either pressed or fresh, in small glass vases. We used old lab beakers—look for them at antique stores. Replace leaves as they brown.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

SHUBHAM SIDDHI- A new project to woo your minds!

All this while we have been trying to give you an insight about the various ongoing projects by Prathamesh Constructions so as to provide you the necessary information about its projects that are redefining the skyline of Pune as well as Nashik, but, today, here is something different for you!

Shubham Siddhi, a project that does not speak of the riches and treasures you hold, but of the personality you carry. A residential project being built for the ones who aspire to have more comfort in life! It is the space that appeals to you in terms of its implementation and not just the decors to please the eyes of the visitors.

Shubham Siddhi is an ideal residential opportunity for the ones who desire to own a personal space with all basic requirements met. However, the project is not limited to, as you might think, basic necessities, but, expands to the horizons of leisurely comforts, fabulous exteriors and enticing interiors to add visual appeal to your personal residence.

In a city like Pune, you are bound to find places that attract you, but, Shubham Siddhi is the ambience that you would always desire to have at your residence. A place so calm and sedate yet beauty and facilities galore!

Who doesn’t want amenities and specifications at home that match the international standards of living? Surely, each one of us does! But, would you prefer to go for a property that does not fall into your budget for the sake of those features for a lifestyle? Many of us would drop that plan right away as we all have various other financial commitments in our lives.

So, looking forward, what if we say Shubham Siddhi is what you have always dreamt about?

Didn’t understand? 

Well! This residential apartment located in Vadgaon, Pune, is an absolute match to your affordability! All you need is a chance to visit, and you can gear up for an exciting yet peaceful life with your loved ones accompanied by the serene beauty of the location. So, discover and match what you desire to own! A piece of land or your own personal space?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Raghuram Rajan‘s surprise to all Home Buyers

Yes! We are talking about the surprise by Raghuram Rajan that came out as unexpected in the fourth cut of repo rates by a percentage of 50bps.

Reduced repo rates are surely, a direct announcement to all the home buyers who had been waiting for an opportunity to buy a dream home!

The home loan interest rates have dropped by major lenders like State Bank of India, Andhra Bank, Axis bank, Bank of India, etc. enabling more inflow of applications for home loans from the potential home buyers across the country.

So, if Pune happens to be your dream destination to settle in, gear up to explore the enticing architectures and designs of residential complexes being constructed by Prathamesh Constructions in the city.

We believe, quality, well blended with design and appeal makes it the right mix of elements for a fabulous dwelling to own! Establishing such palatial residential complexes is what we at Prathamesh Constructions strive to build.

Home buying has always been one of the major financial decisions that people come across in life in India, as there is so much more attached to owning a property than just a piece of land or a shelter. The emotional-connect to a place where you spend a majority of the part of your life comes naturally when you share the best moments of your life in those spaces at home.

Now, that the home loan interest rates are reduced, home buying is a step easier for you! If there is some property that you feel is out of your budget, you can rethink upon the same and zero down to a better property with the same amount of budget you have decided to spend on your dream home!

Also, do not be in a hurry to flow your money to any random property. Search, research and invest!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Ongoing Projects in declared Smart cities- Pune & Nashik

Pune, the city  you will fall in love with!

A wonderful city where life seems to acquire many different dimensions of happiness and comfort. Pune has been boasting of its quality standard of living from quite many years now. However, finding a place to live in this city is not that easy at this point of time due to the approaching saturation in the real estate industry of the city.

Not easy because we all have different permutation and combinations of the budget, features, location and amenities and specifications for our dream homes. And this is where we feel, giving multiple options to choose from can help you find your dream home in the city. Hence, here are some of the ongoing projects by Prathamesh Constructions that you must explore to get the best of all!

Callisto: An exclusive project located in Shivajinagar, Pune that is a true manifestation of style and classy residence that offers 2, 3 & 5 bhk premium spaces.

Prathamesh Rajshilp: A well crafted apartment with a royal touch in every creation, located in Maharshi Nagar in Pune, it offers 2 bhk living spaces for the potential home buyers.

Prahtamesh Gallardo: A high-end residential development that is crafted with sheer perfection for a grand lifestyle, it is located in Salisbury Park, Pune. The project has been designed in a way that it comes out to be a perfect blend of comfort, luxury and functionality.

Other than these, there are a few more ongoing projects by Prathamesh Construction in Nashik which is also declared as a smart city along with the city of Pune.

So, if you have been on your toes from long hunting for your dream property, exploring some of these projects can be of great help for you! Also, you are aware and smart enough to make informed choices! Let us know if you have any feedback regarding the same and feel free to ask if you have any queries. We are here to help you out. 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Smart City- Pune

Pune, the city without an end to a day, a much preferred destination for all the the masterminds in IT and last, but not the least, the city with the most prominent iT hubs of India has yet another reason to celebrate and rejoice!

With the recently released report on the smart cities of India, the Punekars are filled with immence joy as the Cultural city of Maharashtra, Pune is now one among the Smart cities in India.
You must be wondering, what will this tag of a smart city bring to people of the city? To your surprise, a much better infrastructure, more quality services and better technology to make life easier are a few dimensions of the end result of efforts to make the city a smart city.

Who would not wish to have a bette lifestyle?  Would you deny to use the smart features at the mall to browse different sections of the stores over the conventional ones? Had I been there, why not! I everybody loves to enoy and make the best of the facilities available and surely, nobody would think of opting the harder or the manual way.

Talking of real estate, since, we are in the industry from over 34 years, relating the concept of smart city with that of the real estate market is but obvious. So, considering the sectors that will be embellished and enhanced during the implementation of this concept, the living standards of the people are bound to raise to a much higher level.

However, now that the city of Pune is officially announced and bears the tag of a smart city, the property rates may appreciate parallelly along with the progress in the making  Pune a smart city. So, if you have been planning to make inveestments, or buy a home, it’s a win win siituation for you to go ahead and take the final call.

Be a smart buyer, choose wisely. 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Last Night

As I moved out of my room and walked through the hall, the cold breeze across the room through the windows gave me goosebumps in a fraction of seconds. I was afraid. Insecure. Nervous and anxious about spending the last night at my place.
The nostalgia took over me and didn’t let me sleep. The thought of this night being the last night here was pounding in my head over and over again. I had spent as many as 5 years in this flat. A 1 bhk in a residential apartment located in Salisbury Park, Pune. I had seen some of the most difficult times of my life here, which I faced and moved on and also, created some memories that I will cherish for life. I had got married the same year when I had moved into this flat.
The flat has been a witness to my life during my Bachelors and how everything changed for the better after my marriage. My wife made it what it is today and is the very reason I feel nostalgic about this night. Hard to believe how quickly the time has passed and tonight I was spending my last night here.
No. This is not the end of my life. Not even something to be sad about.
This last night was all about the excitement, the happy feeling and the new beginning. The essence of shifting to a Home of my own, a place that will be mine, is magical.
Yes. I am shifting to a 2 BHK flat in a residential project by Prathamesh Constructions the next day. It is the Prathamesh Deep project by Prathamesh Constructions in the same location where I spent 5 years of my life in a rented flat. The Salisbury Park in Pune will always be associated with all the happy memories and moments I have spent in the city.
Even though I feel nostalgic about leaving this flat and shifting tomorrow, I am more than happy to move into my own home in Prathamesh Deep with my family. My daughter and wife are way too excited to start our life in our new home. This night will not come again, I will not be moving from a rented flat to my new home again and hence, here I am, writing everything that is coming to my mind right now. -Sumit Patil 

Friday, 14 August 2015

Dear Home, You couldn’t have got any better!

HOME: A well defined place where your family and loved ones  reside. The address that speaks of your presence and location in accordance with your availability.
What exactly do you perceive of the word “HOME”?
Walls? Interiors? Furniture? Feelings? Warmth? Or what else?
To a few of us, a Home is the place we get our much wanted privacy.
For a few others a Home is the place where they stay with their family and enjoy the most precious moments with family and dear ones while, some of us also relate to a home as a residence where all our comforts lie and that gives us the peace of mind.
If we have to define the residential projects that we have constructed in the past few years and also the ongoing projects, defining a HOME would be a Hoslistically Overwhelming Manor with Exclusivity. Prathamesh Constructions, a pioneer in the real estate industry in Pune, has rich learning experience of 34years.
Who would not want a home where you could curl up tight at night in the soft bed in your bedroom at Home and have a sound sleep like there is nothing to disturb or distract your sleep? Well! I would love to have such a home.
Imagining myself at a home where I have every basic thing  I  desire, I have all the comforts, I feel happy staying and spending time with family and friends, all of this gives me a hearty feeling of happiness. Try and imagine yourself resting on a well carved wooden chair in the balcony and enjoying the rains of the monsoon season that has wrapped up the city in its arms today. Doesn’t that feel amazing?
At the end of the day, any individual who has a family and is working in the regular 9-5 shift in a company in Pune, returning home is one of the most important things he waits for the entire day. You too would be aspiring to own a home in Pune which would stand as your own permanent address. Then why not explore some of the beautifully designed and constructed homes that not only aesthetic value, but, also add more to life and compliment your lifestyle.

Have a Holistaically Overwhelming Manor with Exclusivity…. 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Prathamesh Gallardo- Homes with exclusivity

Home is a personal space that we all desire to own and the thought of investing in a property in a city like Pune turns out to be one of the most crucial financial decisions that a majority of us make in our lifetime.

Having a home in a city where there is a huge IT park for the IT professionals looking for an opportunity to grow in their career, educational institutions of international standards for students who aspire to have a career through quality education and explore the various career opportunities in different fields and, last but not the least, the high standard of living which represent the lifestyle of the people of the city and compliment their social stature, is more like a dream for many of us!

However, through some of the luxurious and premium projects, the builders of the city are working towards providing the potential home buyers with all their needs met and living spaces that they will adore once they experience the quality of life that a resident would have in such residential spaces. A similar living experience you can expect in the ongoing project by Prathamesh Constructions- Prathamesh Gallardo. The project has been designed with an approach to provide you with high end residential space that is tailor made for you.

Prathamesh Gallardo- a six storey single tower, which boasts about a lifestyle that we all yearn to attain. A life with luxury and comfort at every square foot of your home is what you can look forward to if you seek a property in Prathamesh Gallardo in Pune. It will embellish your lifestyle with the lavish and alluring features, high grade specifications combined with a meticulous design sense in the interiors of the flats.  The project is located in the serene location of Salisbury Park, Pune which has close proximity to the camp area, Bibwewadi, Ganga Dham, etc. that ensure connectivity with the other parts of the city.

Some of the value additions in the project include the home automation, viewing deck, solar panels, lounge, centralized air-conditioning, remote controlled security gate, landscaped private terrace and Jacuzzi  in duplexes, etc. With all such amazing features, you can think of a home where luxury is your companion and comfort is your attire. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

How Financing from Banks be useful for first home buyers?

Buying a property over renting has been one of the most debated topics. While many people prefer paying rent for a house due to the flexibility of changing the residential address when needed, there are others who feel paying EMI for your own home is better than paying rent. For people who are interested in buying a property for the investment purpose or the end use, here are a few advantages of financing from Bank for the property.

  • The Indirect Discount on Cost: when you plan to invest in property, taking a home loan from Bank will help you reduce the cost of the property in the long run. For example, if you wish to buy a property that costs 50 Lacs and you take a loan of 30 Lacs, then your monthly installment for loan repayment will be close to Rs. 30,000/- per month. If you rent the same property at a rent amount of Rs. 10,000/- then your EMI will be reduced to Rs. 20,000/- per month and hence, the property will cost you 40 Lacs at the indirect discount of Rs.10 Lacs through rent.
  • Pay EMI instead of Rent: Just the way you pay rent to the owner of a flat, you could pay EMI of the Bank loan which will help you acquire a home of your own. This way the money that you spend on renting a property can actually be utilized in paying the EMI of the bank loans and thereby, owning a property of your own.
  • Price appreciation over time: If you buy a property today, the price of the property will appreciate and thus, it will be a source of good return on investment. Also, the interest rate applicable on your loan will remain the same and hence, you will be able to increase the rent of the property or increase the price of the property at the time reselling as per the appreciation of the property rates of that particular city without having to pay extra EMI for repaying the bank loan.
  • Satisfaction & security: When you rent a house, paying rent and renewing the rental agreement with the owner every year can get you worried. But, if you own your home, you just need to pay the EMI and you need not get worried about any renewals and agreements. Hence, you feel a sense of security and satisfaction when you own the property and are not staying in a rented flat. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Home buying Steps that you must never miss while buying a property

Considering the fact that buying property is a long process and takes months to finalize a property, we share some of the steps that you must take while buying a property. As we have discussed few steps in the previous post, we shall now know the remaining steps that you must never miss while buying a property:
3. Better Understanding of your payment plan: Depending upon the builder and the type of property you are buying, you must know the payment plans you would be opting for. Typical plans are of 3 types:
a) Construction linked: You pay based on the progress of the construction of the property. This can be safest because you pay for progress and need to spend money along with the level of completion of the construction process.
b) Time linked: You pay according to a set timetable, whether the construction is under process or on the verge of completion.
c) Down payment: You pay for the property up front, but then are exposed to the risk of delays and whether the property will get completed at all or not.
4. Applying for a loan approval: If you need to apply for a loan for property purchase, then it is advisable to simultaneously start the application process with potential lenders, along with the above steps. This can help you know more about the loan that you can apply for and the terms of getting the loan. You can also get a pre-approval for a loan in case you have not selected a property as yet, but want to save time later when you have zeroed in on a property.
5. Allotment letter: This is allotted by the builder once you book a flat in an under construction property. This allotment letter includes the details (like flat number, area, price) of the flat that has been allotted to you, the payment details, any extra charges levied to you amenities such as car parking, club membership, and maintenance charges to be levied at the time of possession and occupancy.

6. Sale agreement: This agreement is made once you agree to all the terms and conditions of the sale with the seller in case you are buying a pre-existing property.

7. Possession and Registration: The final step in the buying process is the possession of the property being transferred to you and your responsibility to get it registered in your name. At the time of registration you will also have to pay a stamp duty which is a government tax levied on property transactions.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Home Buying steps for a Wise Purchase

In India, for the majority of the people Home buying is a long process that is an overwhelming experience, both financially and emotionally. In order to make this process of buying property in Pune easier, we share few home buying steps to help you get your desired property in an easier way.
1. Identifying the right location & property: The first step is to narrow down a location or set of areas that you are interested in buying a property in a particular city. Having a checklist to monitor the properties that you see, whether you like or dislike, in certain areas/neighborhood will be helpful. Evaluating the properties you see on the basis of your needs in terms of property specifications & features like the layout, number of bedrooms, size of the kitchen etc. can be done with the help of the checklist. Also, if you are planning to opt for a home loan, then finding out if there is any home loan scheme available from the financial institutions and also about the credibility and authenticity of the builder is also important.
2. Legal due diligence on the property: There are two types of properties you can buy, ready possession property, or a newly constructed property. In either case, you must be sure that the seller owns the property and has legal documents of the property to sell the property to you, and that later on confusions regarding ownership rights can be avoided. For example:
a) Pre-existing property: When you buy a pre-existing property, you need to firstly do the transaction with the seller, agree on the terms and conditions, verify documents, and finally get loan approval if you need a loan.
b) Under-construction property: When buying a property that is under construction you must confirm that the development is legal and that sanction plans have been approved. Otherwise, you might be risking your hard earned money on something that is illegal.
Having discussed about the initial steps to begin with while you plan to buy a property in Pune, it is important to consider the fact that buying a property is not an easy task and takes a lot of well planned steps in order to have a smooth transaction and taking ownership of the property. We shall discuss the remaining steps too, but in our upcoming post. So, till then explore some of the ongoing residential projects in Pune

Monday, 11 May 2015

What is your dream luxury?

Prathamesh Gallardo - Pune
We all dream of many things that we desire to have in life and, luxury living forms the major part of it! All we imagine is a life where we wake up to watch the sun rise from a wide window of our room with all the luxuries in life and no worries to bother us!

Well, you can now wake up to own one such luxury home at Prathamesh Gallardo, a unique upcoming project by Prathamesh Constructions. With just a glimpse you will realize that this is your true dream luxury paradise that you had always desired!

The project is a high end residential development which is tailor made for you to provide you with best of luxurious living experience in life! A professionally designed architecture with 2 BHK & 3 BHK Homes/flats and  4 BHK Duplexes are a perfect alternative that compliment the lavish lifestyle of yours! Located in the elite area of Vidyasagar Colony at Salisbury Park, Pune, the project reflects all the luxuries you can avail in an opulent home. 
An entrance that will woo you to an extent that there would be no looking back!

The beautifully conceptualized homes with a never-before luxurious living experience are exquisitely crafted for the ones who are in search of the perfect space to call it as their home!

A home that will mesmerize you with its charm and comfort every time you step inside!

A home that will keep you attached to its beauty and charisma and not let you go away from it!

The high grade specifications combined with a meticulous design approach, Prathamesh Gallardo, is an optimal blend of design, luxury, comfort and functionality!

Read More: - 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Upcoming projects in Talegaon, Pune

Talegaon is a place with historical importance. It is a town with a municipal council in Mawal Taluka, Pune district in the state of Maharashtra. Talegaon, being just 120km away from Mumbai and only 35km from Pune, is one of the preferred locations for people who are looking for a property in and around Pune. The town is situated on highest altitude between the two metro cities (Mumbai and Pune) which is at 2200feet above sea level. Talegaon is higher in altitude than the famous nearby hill station Lonavala (2047 ft.), thus has pleasant weather throughout the year.

The property in Talegaon has been in high demand as it is growing in the real estate industry at a faster pace as compared to other locations near Pune. The real estate professionals or the builders and developers in Pune have been showing lots of interest in this town as it has a lot of potential to attract buyers from all parts of the country who dream of owning a property in and around hill stations. The location of Talegaon is perfect for people who want to have a home surrounded with trees and natural beauty. The pleasant weather throughout the year is one of the main reasons why Talegaon is the right choice for a peaceful home.

Prathamesh Constructions is one of the most trusted real estate company which has been coming up with new projects with amazing specifications for a higher standard of living for people who want to have luxurious homes at affordable prices in a city like Pune which is famous for its high standard of living. The company has planned an upcoming project named UTKARSHA ENCLAVE which offers 3 BHK flats. These flats will have specifications that will match the international standards of living, giving its residents a perfect living space with exuberant experience. People who are looking forward to buying a property in and around Pune must explore this project to know the other features and specifications of the same to have a better understanding of the quality projects prathamesh Constructions is coming up with.

Prathamesh Constructions are strong believers in business ethics that bring a sustained prosperity in the lives of the people wanting a perfect home for them. For the past 34 years, Prathamesh Constructions has held this philosophy in their minds and heart and never allowed their value system to dilute, hampering the quality of work provided by them.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Home? Why Pune?

Real Estate Developers - Pune
Pune is one place where you find people enjoying their morning tea in their balconies and feeling the fresh air early morning in their homes. A place where home and nature are just adjacent to each other, you not only get to enjoy a calm, peaceful ambience with fresh surroundings but also all the comfort and amenities within your arm’s reach. The City is often referred to as the cultural city of Maharashtra, hence entertainment is always at its hilt whenever you want to relax and enjoy.

Don’t you want to be at a place where you can work patiently in day time and enjoy the night exploring the nightlife of the city? Speaking of Pune, it not only has amazing day life but also nightlife. The city has really well constructed townships and societies designed immaculately keeping in mind the high standard of living of people in the city.

If you are willing to relocate or looking for a nice flat to move in to, then Pune is the best place to move to! You would surely be interested in knowing the very reason for having called the city as the best place. Well! The reason being some of the best townships in the city wich include constructions by various builders and developers. The city has rooms for all! Be it a 1 BHK for student crowd, 2 BHK for working professionals or 3 BHK for families or even 4 BHK & 5 BHKs.

Pune is the city which is one among the IT hubs of India with an IT Park located in Hinjewadi area. This has not only lead to generation of more and more job opportunities but also migration of working professionals in huge number. The city also has a rich heritage with many temples being one among the most visited places in the city. Kasaba Ganapati is considered as the presiding deity of the city of Pune. The custom is to seek the blessings of this deity before all auspicious, religious and social ceremonies. This is just one example. With a long history beginning with the Old Stone Age the city has witnessed various events of regional and national importance. With a small habitation on the banks of river Mutha, it has grown into a huge metropolis with a population of at least 5,049,968 (according to the 2011 census report).

Monday, 23 March 2015

Real estate in Mumbai and Pune

Cities like Pune and Mumbai are some of the most popular places where we think of tourism, education, career opportunities, information technology and what not. You name it and the cities have it, from the tall rising buildings, educational institutions to commendable architecture. Pune, called as the cultural city of Maharashtra, is not only the hub for education but is also host of many IT companies and MNCs. The city is flooded with migrants from people across the country and other countries.

Callisto - Prathamesh Constructions

Speaking of real estate sector, these cities have amazing societies and residential complexes along with immaculately designed buildings for company offices. Prathamesh Constructions is amongst the pioneers in the field of construction and hold a learning experience of 34 years. The company is into the business of building trust and providing dream homes as well as work spaces and not just architectural structures. According to Prathamesh Constructions quality, timely possession and client satisfaction form the core values for building trust among the customers for the company. Prathamesh Constructions is a trusted name with some of the most prestigious projects, both, residential and commercial, added to their credit in Mumbai and Pune.

Samruddhi - Prathamesh Constructions
 With experience of as long as 34 years in real estate, the construction company has gained trust over time and efforts. If you are thinking of buying a property for residential purpose or to setup an office for your business then you must keep in mind that you buying a home happen once in a lifetime where you put in your hard earned money of your entire life.

Prathamesh Constructions stresses upon usage of quality material for constructions. People who are looking for quality living with smart space for abode, CALLISTO is the project. This project is an exclusive creation which is symbolic of style and class, located in the premium are of Deccan-JM road. It is a joint venture of three of Pune’s finest names in construction- Prathamesh constructions, Shree Ram Builders and Nirman. The project offers the buyers with 2, 3 & 5 BHK apartments which surely will leave you stunned. Residents can enjoy being at home with world class amenities and also finely designed lavishing interiors.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Better Life, Better Homes, and a New Hope from the Prathamesh Construction in India

Every person wants a home where he can live comfortably, some place where they can relax without having to worry about their security. Prathamesh Constructions started this business with a dream of an ideal place for their family. Three decades later, the philosophy of providing ideal homes transcended into their more than 8o projects. They are committed to serve their clients so that they can enjoy homes that are located near the center of business trade to spend quality time with their family.

Prathamesh Rajshilp - Pune
There is no doubt that Prathamesh Construction uplifts the spirit of their clients as they deliver homes that are of high standard. A great customer experience can be expected when your property is build by this company. They are continuously developing designer buildings that will somehow change the panoramic view of India. Good business practice adapted by this construction company had earned them good reputation in their completed and existing projects.

India is known for its deeply rooted spiritual life. Those who wanted to enjoy the tranquility of living with the temple can now enjoy their new home. They can now enjoy decent homes and high end residential units with the Prathamesh Gallardo. This is the new project of the Prathamesh Construction where they have midrise building prepared for th0ose who do not want to live in congested high rise residential units. The residential development project consists of a 6 storey building. Living in this place would be a dream come true. You will surely enjoy the site of the designs they offer that is so unique among their other projects. Luxury and comfort with homes designed for functionality can make living more comfortable.

The Prathamesh Construction prioritizes the strength of the materials they use to build the homes. You can be assured that your home will be withstand the time. While the Real Estate in India is booming, the construction of the midrise building like this is quite impressive as it is intricately designed to suit the residents of Prathamesh Gallardo. The project is located in Pune just near the Jain Temple Salisbury Park.

The Prathamesh Construction Company is dedicated in bringing new hope to family. As the development of the key cities of India continues, the company prepares for better homes. While there are office expansions being established in India, their dedication to provide suitable homes for different preferences continues. As India becomes a potential place to market their products, there are more jobs being generated in the city. This would bring a great hope for the people. Their new found home will inspire them to become better in their line of job. Getting a permanent place would mean a great way to live life. This is what Prathamesh Construction dreamt of providing better life for their clients.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Offering Best Living in Mumbai and Pune!

Prathamesh Constructions - Pune
Mumbai being the financial capital, it is every Indian’s urban dream. This dream city is a blend of cuisines, festivals, arts, cultures, language, food and cinema. The race, caste, creed and color of the people fade into insignificance with the city’s fun-loving mentality which clearly depicts ‘unity in diversity’. Mumbai, also known as the ‘film city of India’, Bollywood has originated here which is one of the largest film industries of the world contributing to more than 300 films a year.

Just 148km far from Mumbai is the city of IT hubs, Pune. Popularly known as the ‘Oxford of the east’ because of the well-known educational institutes here, the city is known for its culture and employment opportunities attracting people from all over the country.

With beautiful tourist spots in and around both the cities offering best transport facilities and also home to many educational and research institutes, the cities have a fast-paced, lively, challenging and energetic life. The hospitality and the friendly attitude that the Mumbaikars and Punekars have is admirable. The cities have thus attracted many developers and builders because the ever-increasing population here. Living here makes life so simpler and beautiful. It offers huge learning opportunities and exposure leading to individual’s growth.

The residential units offered by Prathamesh constructions are located in prime areas of the city with metros, malls, highways and commercial buildings in the nearby vicinity making your life much simpler. The houses are available in different sizes enabling you to choose the one that’s apt for your needs, preference and budget. It offers incomparable style, quality construction and inspired designed homes. Providing dreams homes and work spaces, they have pioneered in the field of construction.

The homes are elegantly designed with modern amenities at affordable rates with various payment schemes easing your payment stress. Considered to be safest cities, the growth of the cities continues offering secured lifestyle to people here. The basic facilities of gym, pools, shopping Centre are offered within the reach. Surrounded by oceans and rivers, the facility of water is never a concern.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Prathamesh Construction Marks the Development with Innovatively Designed Residential Buildings

Rajshilp - Prathamesh Constructions
Over the years, Prathamesh Construction has been transforming the skyline of Pune. From the traditional bungalow type homes, their humble abode has been changed to designers’ buildings that mark that development of the district. Various projects within the proximity give opportunities to residents to enjoy leisure within reach without having to travel longer hours to work. Pune has been a place where education is given importance. The place was considered the Oxford of the East because of the quality of education they provide. The students as well as their academic leaders cannot succeed without a good place to stay and friendly communities that can help them develop creative minds and great ideas. Students need and ample space for recreation and this is what the company offers. The company has produced renowned projects such as the Ranjeet Heights, Pramatesh Aishwarya and many others in Pune. These are just few places that houses young professionals and students giving them access to amenities within proximity that can help them relax and recharge.

Over the years, the company has been providing shelter to their clients. They produced thousands of clients that are satisfied with their services. Their 34 years of existence in the industry gives opportunity to people who wanted to have their own place. Who could resist a luxury flat for an affordable price with flexible payment schemes?  Prathamesh Construction provides a new home with a friendly environment.

Since many of their residents are enjoying luxury and comfortable living in their existing flats, they also wanted to extend such opportunities to others by building more flats to accommodate them. Some of their on-going and notable projects include Callisto, Prathamesh Rajshilp, Utkarsha Enclave and Prathamesh Samruddhi. These are all located in Pune. They are near the education institution and business district. They also invaded Nashik as they develop new and on-going projects such as the Utkarsha Orchid and Ameya Heritage.

All the residential buildings established by Prathamesh Construction are all earthquake free. They are well planned and built with licensed engineers. To enjoy your stay in these residential flats, they are innovatively designed to inspire and make you work efficiently. The units have an ample space for individuals or small families who would want to have their own place in India.

The projects of Prathamesh Construction as well as their experience in providing shelter will surely make your stay in these residential flats worthwhile.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Steady Increase in Rates for Luxury Flats in Pune

Based on India’s realty market, the year 2013 was not a walk in the park in terms of profitability. There are various reasons for this and one of which is the slowing down of the economy vis-à-vis an unstable political setting only destabilize the industry. A great number of potential investor chose to wait and see for far better venture opening for the negative reason that the economy is experiencing growth of interest rates with regard to house loans as well as continuous price escalation of homes. The country’s Property sector was not exempted, in fact the country’s economy was directly affected by this phenomenon and thus slows down the improvement of the economy.

During the last few years, the service sectors like and IT and ITE experienced a sudden and quick development.  Foreseeing a great outlook in the economy partnered with improved disposable income as well as flourishing trade paved the way to growing trend of living in plush apartments. Value for their hard earned money is one of the main reasons that they invest on this property.  Other reasons include great amenities, improved security, convenience to their place of work are just a few of their preference in owning a unit.

There is a spurt in demand for housing projects since there are growing numbers of IT professionals are moving in the city. Likewise, because the of the flourishing IT enabled businesses more and more workers are looking for units that is near their place of work for convenience as well as to avoid traffic. Because of these, they can save time, money and effort.

Rising demand for Housing Projects in the City

The soaring demand for luxury projects cannot be attributed solely to the IT sector, as there is an equal demand from the manufacturing sector as well. The city is known to have numerous manufacturing industries located on the periphery. These include places like Shikrapur, Shirwal, Lonikhand, Sanaswadi and Talegaon Dhamdhere.

Popularly known as the Oxford of the East, the luxury housing segment here is still in its growing phase as compared to its counterparts in metropolitan cities such as Mumbai. However potential investors would rather purchase a service apartment in the Aundh and Baner area, rather than buy flats in Dadar as it gives them the advantage of larger space at the same rate.

The buyers who prefer to invest in the country's eighth largest city include a mix of entrepreneurs, NRIs, C-level executives and end-users from Mumbai. Although most of the metropolitan cities have experienced realty slowdown, Pune's market is still far more affordable and steady as compared to Mumbai or the National Capital Region.