Thursday, 25 February 2016

PRATHAMESH NOVELLUS – An Answer to the Modern Living Desires

PRATHAMESH NOVELLUS is a well-planned, strategically developed residential project that is being constructed to bring in the modern living concept in an ideal location like Dahanukar Colony. Prathamesh Novellus is a residential project that is based on the idea of having spacious 2 BHK homes where comfort is ample and limitations are few.

The modern living concept is something that is perceived by all of us in various ways, however, the desires of many have the element of owning a spacious home. At Prathamesh Constructions, we believe in rendering the value of comfort and convenience in the true form of a spacious home that can fulfill the basic requirements and desires of the customers.

Some of the value-additions in the project are mentioned as under:

•    Well planned layout

•    Well established ethos of modernity backed by abundant greenery

•    Culturally rich environment and one of the celebrated locations of Pune city

•    Be it small retail shops, big shopping malls, gardens, multiplex theaters, banks and ATMs- proximity to everything is the hallmark of life here

•    Dahanukar Colony is preferred choice of many and now it is your turn to be a part this glorious place

•    Located at this wondrous location is Novellus – a fine residential project enabling you to experience the true colours of living

Besides these value additions, Novellus offers modern living that is desired by many which is an answer to the modern living desires.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Marvel to the City – Prathamesh Novellus

We, at Prathamesh Constructions, with a valuable experience of 35 years in the construction sector, are all set to launch our new ongoing project in the Dahanukar Colony. Unlike commonly built projects by various builders of the city, through our new project, we endeavour to bring you a one of its kind project in an ideal location like Dahanukar Colony.

We bring you ‘Prathamesh NOVELLUS

Novellus is a redevelopment project that is strategically planned and constructed to bring you the true essence of modern living that is a desired aspect for many. Classy features and amenities, remarkable modern lifestyle specifications and a fine finish with the mesmerizing charm… Prathamesh Novellus is a class apart project that offers 2 BHK Homes which will be truly a delight for the residents here.

Immaculate designs, justice to every inch of space and unyielding diligence in construction are a few of the many qualities the project offers.

If modern living is a contemporary concept of elevated lifestyle, Prathamesh Novellus is an opportunity for the ones hunting for contemporary lifestyle experience.

The project is a true manifestation of the what one would refer, a lifestyle with unmatched experience of modern living.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite our readers to visit the project site for more insights about the project. We believe, to describe the experience, although words can do th justice, but, a visit can surely add to the overall understanding of the project and concept.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Completed & Ongoing Projects of Prathamesh Constructions

At Prathamesh Constructions, we believe in business ethics that brings a sustained prosperity in the lives of the people wanting a perfect home for themselves. We have held this philosophy for the past 34 years in our hearts and minds and have ensured that our value system is not diluted or the quality of work provided by us is not hampered. With over 80 projects completed, here are a few completed projects listed as under:

  1. Ranjeet Heights, Walvekar nagar,Pune
  2. Europa. Lulla nagar, Pune
  3. Prathamesh Deep, Salisbury Park, Pune
  4. Chaitanya Niketan, Talegaon
  5. Prathamesh Rajshilp, Maharshi nagar, Pune
  6. Prathamesh samruddhi, Mukund Nagar, Pune
  7. Prathamesh Aishwarya, Mukund nagar, Pune
  8. Prathamesh Vandan, Bhusari colony, Pune
  9. Utkarsha Enclave, Talegaon, Pune
  10. CALLISTO Shivaji Nagar, Pune

With our completed projects, there are a few ongoing projects as well in the city of Pune and Nashik as well. Below are the ongoing projects of Prathamesh Constructions:

  1. Utkarsha Orchid, Nashik
  2. Ameya Heritage, Nashik
  3. Shubham Siddhi, Vadgaon, Pune
  4. Prathamesh Gallardo, Salisbury Park, Pune

We believe, each project must be delivered as a masterpiece within the delivery timeline for possession ensuring the joy of giving more than the letters in the agreement and spreading smiles and trust in people’s life. 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Everlasting relationships with customers of Prathamesh Constructions

“Always give people more than what they expect to get.” These are the words of Nelson Boswell.
When it comes to the industry of properties, there are numerous expectations of the customers in terms of quality, space and price when they consider making a property purchase. That is pretty obvious as a majority of them step ahead to buy a dream property they call a ‘home’ and nobody will be willing to compromise when it comes to buying a dream home.

Likewise, we, at Prathamesh Constructions, believe in rendering quality output in the form of quality residential spaces that are not just designed for a spacious lifestyle but, the one of a kind. With a passion of building and valuing everlasting relationships, we aim at continually striving to be the most admired and trusted construction company across the city of Pune and the state of Maharashtra as well.

When we say that we believe in building everlasting relationships, we feel it can be achieved only when the customers are satisfied with the quality of projects we deliver to them without compromising on the value of their social stature.

With our unperturbed focus on high quality and finest workmanship, we are committed to creating premium residences at significantly affordable prices. This not only helps us to retain the trust of our valuable customers, but also motivates us to construct and deliver better and better each time with each of our new upcoming projects.

Our residential projects that are completed so far, have successfully impressed the target audience with their fine design and architectural elements and have ensured an elevated lifestyle for the residents of the projects. We believe this will keep us going for better and better construction projects as it served as a driving forces for us to establish our mark in the real estate industry.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Modern Homes of Modern People

In a time today, where an average individual aims at owning a property to live and call it a home, there are some individuals who own it already. However, there exist multiple sentiments attached to a common term called “home” among people who have one and ones who do not.

While there are some who want to upgrade their home towards a better lifestyle, there are some who wish to just have one to live in. Not only this, there are few who have it as a luxury quotient in life.

So, why do we speak of homes today? What new is there for us to discuss about?

It is just limited to the enhanced lifestyle of the people of Pune and Nashik or, is there something more to it?

At Prathamesh  Constructions, we believe in constructing homes for people from diverse backgrounds.

From affordable to affluent, budget to brilliant and minimalist to magnificent, homes of all kinds.

It is noticed that the people are progressing in their career and the same is reflected in their personal 
front as well when  it comes to the kind of homes they live.. Turns out that the home or the property they own is a reflection of their persona and social stature. And people today, do not wish to settle for anything less than a home that is smart as they are.

Comfort and luxury is an important element of a lavish and a standard lifestyle they want to have. 

And we believe, we have an in-depth understanding of the needs and requirements of the  people and hence, that enables us to produce architectural marvels that fulfill their desires.

For more details, visit Prathamesh Constructions.  

Friday, 11 December 2015

10 Awesome things to do at home during a weekend

Have you been spending boring weekends all this while at home?

Well, then worry not! Here are 10 awesome things to do at home during weekends that you must try:

  1. Organize a costume night: Costume nights can be fun. You can set a theme like Halloween and enjoy dressing like crazy favorite characters of yours. Or experimenting with clothes to create new looks can also be done.
  2. Throw an indoor party: How about having a blast indoors? Some music and delicious delicacies could make an awesome combo for a fun night at home.
  3. Has a Christmas themed party: If you love Christmas atmosphere, then why wait for Christmas to enjoy? Organize a Christmas themed party home for all the fun you were missing all this while.
  4. Host an international cuisines dinner night: For all the foodies out there, what better than hosting an international cuisines dinner night with a variety of options to treat yourself with?
  5. Film a “Newscast”: With high quality camera phones, you have all the means to shoot a newscast of events taking place around you at home. It could be moments with family or your pet or anything for that matter.
  6. Experiment and learn to do nail art: For girls, the nail art is the “in thing” as of now. So, why not get a little experimental over weekends with your nails?
  7. Plant seedlings: if gardening is your love, the best thing to do over the weekend is to plant seedlings and enjoy some moments out in the garden.
  8. Organize a themed movie night: Movies are everyone’s best pastimes. So, bring in some good movies of your favorite genre/theme and enjoy your days and night at a stretch.
  9. Play board games: board games can be fun with your siblings and friends. Play in teams to add more fun.
  10. Host an indoor treasure hunt: Move beyond hide  and seek. Organize a treasure hunt with exciting tasks and riddles. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Elevate your lifestyle with Prathamesh Gallardo

We, at Prathamesh Constructions, strongly believe in business ethics that bring sustained prosperity in the lives of people wanting a perfect home for themselves. For us, providing quality in our constructions and projects that we establish is the top priority in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Construction merely for the purpose of calling it as a residence is not what we aim to produce. For us, each of our projects is a masterpiece and carry a proud tag of quality.

If you dream of living a comfortable life, a residence that compliments your lifestyle is important. 

We create residences, a glimpse of which is enough to fall in love with!

Here is what awaits you in our ongoing project – Prathamesh Gallardo:

  1. The truest reflection of your style and persona- The project is a high end residential development tailor made for you! A self determining single tower! As you step in Prathamesh Gallardo, there is no looking back. A conceptualized luxurious living like never before that is equipped with high grade specifications to gaze at!
  2. Just the perfect blend- Meticulous design sense that adds charm to your personality to blend your stature with the design, luxury, comfort and functionality.
  3. An exquisite residence at a state of perfection- Prathamesh Gallardo, with its exquisite features that are in tune with the chords of a harmonious life, is just the perfect blend of style, comfort and luxury. A carved precision!
  4. What pleases your eyes and appeals to the others- situated amid the upmarket setting of Salisbury Park, Pune, Prathamesh Gallardo boasts a spirit of excellence.
  5. Space is encouraging- when it comes to homes, you would surely not like to compromise. And space is such a feature that reflects your comfort and persona as well! The more the space, the more is the freedom to think big. 

So, if this is what you desire, a visit to the site is surely a wise decision to explore that remains unrevealed to you…