Friday, 20 February 2015

Offering Best Living in Mumbai and Pune!

Prathamesh Constructions - Pune
Mumbai being the financial capital, it is every Indian’s urban dream. This dream city is a blend of cuisines, festivals, arts, cultures, language, food and cinema. The race, caste, creed and color of the people fade into insignificance with the city’s fun-loving mentality which clearly depicts ‘unity in diversity’. Mumbai, also known as the ‘film city of India’, Bollywood has originated here which is one of the largest film industries of the world contributing to more than 300 films a year.

Just 148km far from Mumbai is the city of IT hubs, Pune. Popularly known as the ‘Oxford of the east’ because of the well-known educational institutes here, the city is known for its culture and employment opportunities attracting people from all over the country.

With beautiful tourist spots in and around both the cities offering best transport facilities and also home to many educational and research institutes, the cities have a fast-paced, lively, challenging and energetic life. The hospitality and the friendly attitude that the Mumbaikars and Punekars have is admirable. The cities have thus attracted many developers and builders because the ever-increasing population here. Living here makes life so simpler and beautiful. It offers huge learning opportunities and exposure leading to individual’s growth.

The residential units offered by Prathamesh constructions are located in prime areas of the city with metros, malls, highways and commercial buildings in the nearby vicinity making your life much simpler. The houses are available in different sizes enabling you to choose the one that’s apt for your needs, preference and budget. It offers incomparable style, quality construction and inspired designed homes. Providing dreams homes and work spaces, they have pioneered in the field of construction.

The homes are elegantly designed with modern amenities at affordable rates with various payment schemes easing your payment stress. Considered to be safest cities, the growth of the cities continues offering secured lifestyle to people here. The basic facilities of gym, pools, shopping Centre are offered within the reach. Surrounded by oceans and rivers, the facility of water is never a concern.