Friday, 11 December 2015

10 Awesome things to do at home during a weekend

Have you been spending boring weekends all this while at home?

Well, then worry not! Here are 10 awesome things to do at home during weekends that you must try:

  1. Organize a costume night: Costume nights can be fun. You can set a theme like Halloween and enjoy dressing like crazy favorite characters of yours. Or experimenting with clothes to create new looks can also be done.
  2. Throw an indoor party: How about having a blast indoors? Some music and delicious delicacies could make an awesome combo for a fun night at home.
  3. Has a Christmas themed party: If you love Christmas atmosphere, then why wait for Christmas to enjoy? Organize a Christmas themed party home for all the fun you were missing all this while.
  4. Host an international cuisines dinner night: For all the foodies out there, what better than hosting an international cuisines dinner night with a variety of options to treat yourself with?
  5. Film a “Newscast”: With high quality camera phones, you have all the means to shoot a newscast of events taking place around you at home. It could be moments with family or your pet or anything for that matter.
  6. Experiment and learn to do nail art: For girls, the nail art is the “in thing” as of now. So, why not get a little experimental over weekends with your nails?
  7. Plant seedlings: if gardening is your love, the best thing to do over the weekend is to plant seedlings and enjoy some moments out in the garden.
  8. Organize a themed movie night: Movies are everyone’s best pastimes. So, bring in some good movies of your favorite genre/theme and enjoy your days and night at a stretch.
  9. Play board games: board games can be fun with your siblings and friends. Play in teams to add more fun.
  10. Host an indoor treasure hunt: Move beyond hide  and seek. Organize a treasure hunt with exciting tasks and riddles. 

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