Friday, 14 August 2015

Dear Home, You couldn’t have got any better!

HOME: A well defined place where your family and loved ones  reside. The address that speaks of your presence and location in accordance with your availability.
What exactly do you perceive of the word “HOME”?
Walls? Interiors? Furniture? Feelings? Warmth? Or what else?
To a few of us, a Home is the place we get our much wanted privacy.
For a few others a Home is the place where they stay with their family and enjoy the most precious moments with family and dear ones while, some of us also relate to a home as a residence where all our comforts lie and that gives us the peace of mind.
If we have to define the residential projects that we have constructed in the past few years and also the ongoing projects, defining a HOME would be a Hoslistically Overwhelming Manor with Exclusivity. Prathamesh Constructions, a pioneer in the real estate industry in Pune, has rich learning experience of 34years.
Who would not want a home where you could curl up tight at night in the soft bed in your bedroom at Home and have a sound sleep like there is nothing to disturb or distract your sleep? Well! I would love to have such a home.
Imagining myself at a home where I have every basic thing  I  desire, I have all the comforts, I feel happy staying and spending time with family and friends, all of this gives me a hearty feeling of happiness. Try and imagine yourself resting on a well carved wooden chair in the balcony and enjoying the rains of the monsoon season that has wrapped up the city in its arms today. Doesn’t that feel amazing?
At the end of the day, any individual who has a family and is working in the regular 9-5 shift in a company in Pune, returning home is one of the most important things he waits for the entire day. You too would be aspiring to own a home in Pune which would stand as your own permanent address. Then why not explore some of the beautifully designed and constructed homes that not only aesthetic value, but, also add more to life and compliment your lifestyle.

Have a Holistaically Overwhelming Manor with Exclusivity…. 

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