Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Smart City- Pune

Pune, the city without an end to a day, a much preferred destination for all the the masterminds in IT and last, but not the least, the city with the most prominent iT hubs of India has yet another reason to celebrate and rejoice!

With the recently released report on the smart cities of India, the Punekars are filled with immence joy as the Cultural city of Maharashtra, Pune is now one among the Smart cities in India.
You must be wondering, what will this tag of a smart city bring to people of the city? To your surprise, a much better infrastructure, more quality services and better technology to make life easier are a few dimensions of the end result of efforts to make the city a smart city.

Who would not wish to have a bette lifestyle?  Would you deny to use the smart features at the mall to browse different sections of the stores over the conventional ones? Had I been there, why not! I everybody loves to enoy and make the best of the facilities available and surely, nobody would think of opting the harder or the manual way.

Talking of real estate, since, we are in the industry from over 34 years, relating the concept of smart city with that of the real estate market is but obvious. So, considering the sectors that will be embellished and enhanced during the implementation of this concept, the living standards of the people are bound to raise to a much higher level.

However, now that the city of Pune is officially announced and bears the tag of a smart city, the property rates may appreciate parallelly along with the progress in the making  Pune a smart city. So, if you have been planning to make inveestments, or buy a home, it’s a win win siituation for you to go ahead and take the final call.

Be a smart buyer, choose wisely. 

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